California Internet Solution Provider Association

The California Internet Solution Provider Association (CISPA) provides California ISPs with a unified voice to address business, legislative and technology issues. CISPA gives ISPs a forum to ensure the success and growth of their businesses. Independent ISPs and the vendors that service the ISP industry will survive and grow only if they band together to bring business and regulatory benefits to the ISP industry as a whole.

CISPA’s organizational focus is to bring immediate business benefits to its members while working on longer term legislative and regulatory issues that currently impact or may impact ISPs. CISPA’s regulatory efforts have included issues such as DSL, the UNE platform, interconnection agreements, spam and electronic privacy. Additional issues such as broadband wireless and VoIP (Voice over IP) are also becoming increasingly important for ISPs looking at new service offerings and revenue diversity.

CISPA delivers value to its members by providing business benefits that have an immediate impact on an ISP’s balance sheet.